Cypress Window Replacement Considerations

Replacing single-pane builder grade windows with newer double-pane, energy-efficient windows can be one of the very best home improvement projects you’ll ever make. According to Remodeling Magazine, it’s also a wise investment, with an average 60% return at the time of resale. Additionally, the enhanced curb appeal of your home, the lower utility bills, and enhanced indoor comfort and quiet combine to make replacement windows a project you are wise to consider.

Cypress Window Replacement

As you begin your search for windows, we’d like to offer some considerations that will assist you in making an informed and educated decision that will help ensure you are happy with your new windows for many years to come.

There are two major components to the window purchasing process. First, you have to choose a contractor to purchase from. The initial sales process, installation quality, and service after the sale, are more critical than the window you ultimately choose. A bad company can ruin a good window by poor installation methods or poor service after the sale.

Windows have become one of the most popular home improvement projects in Cypress for over the years, and as a result, there are more companies offering window replacement services than ever before. Roofers, siding contractors, and even plumbing companies are now jumping into the window business in a search for additional profits. While more options and choices for consumers is generally a good thing, there are certain home improvement projects that require a higher level of scrutiny than others. This should be determined by (1) the cost of the project and (2) the life expectancy of the project.

Replacing the windows in your home is a sizable investment. For new construction homes, it’s not unusual for windows & doors to consume 10% – 15% of the entire budget.

Cypress Window Replacement

Carefully selected and properly installed windows should last a lifetime, with no need to ever buy windows again. Careful selection means sorting through the numerous manufacturers and build quality of their products, considering the effects of Cypress’ extreme heat on the frame material, and comparing the products’ performance ratings. Proper installation means not allowing your contractor to use the short cut caulk-and-walk installation method that is so prevalent in Cypress. Contractors who will not go above and beyond the minimal requirements are not saving you money, they’re putting your windows, your comfort, and ultimately your home at risk. Air leakage around your new windows will be uncomfortable and water leakage around your new windows will be costly. Our commitment to being strictly a window and door replacement company has allowed us to develop the very best installation system in the industry.

The company you choose to do business with a will, in some sense, be a long-term relationship. Should you ever have an issue with your new windows, you’ll need to depend on your contractor to take care of the service. How responsive will they be when there’s not a profit to be made?

Beware of companies who use slight of hand in describing their years of experience rather than their years in business. The vast majority of contracting businesses fail within the first five years. Companies that claim to be “experts” in the industry should be tested to see if the name fits. Chances are they claim to be experts in multiple other fields as well when the reality is they’re more of a “jack of all trades & master of none”. Choose a true window specialist who has a proven track record of successful time in business and you’re far more likely to be satisfied with the company, the product, and the service.